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Our Approach

We Love doing business with people. The relationships we build here will last a life time. That is what this business is all about, people. We approach every Project large or small with that in mind. We know our product will speak for itself.


Our Story

We began this business 18 years ago. Micheal and Leesa started small with just a few trucks with one thing in mind, this would be a family company. Thanks to Both of their motivation and leadership, the company found themselves completing their first multi family project. Since then, the company grew rapidly. We now consistently complete very large muti family, and every type of electrical project imaginable. The business still holds that value very high. We are still a family based company helping other families along the way. We believe in people helping people in order to succeed.

Meet the Team

These are just some of the people that make everything happen here at MP.

Leesa Purefoy

Vice President

Leesa has been instrumental in the building of this company. She is very experienced in sales and personal relations. Leesa has been a tremendous leader in this industry for the last decade and knows how to deal with any unexpected circumstances

Michael Purefoy


Michael, a Master electrician,  is the Vice president of the company and his leadership has inspired others to become better and very successful in this business. His Drive and Motivation continues to inspire the ones around him today. What ever the need is, Micheal will always find a way to complete a task.

Brian Purefoy

Service Manager

Brian manages a service team of which is a notch above the rest. His Team does extremely well with personal relations and completing multiple service calls a day. Brian strives to be a good leader  and knows that people are what this business is about.

Ian McAllister

Senior Project Manager

Ian, also a Master electrician, has the ability to manage a high number of projects simultaneously with  finesse. Ian comes from a military background from which he is able to complete task with so much discipline. Ian is one of the most efficient and effective leaders in this business today.


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